From the production line to YOUR work site

The production line which is equipped with high technology machinery and a qualified staff enables the creation of large scale works and the fulfilment of orders to tight schedules.

Design, machining and assembly

The company provides full assistance from the initial phase of the design process, to the drawing up of the fine details through to the actual production of the preformed steel.

Flexibility and experience since 1990

The flexibility and experience of our organisation allows us to carry out every type of work within the field of construction, from public to civil.

Company and Products

BETONFER was founded in 1990 from the experience gained in the construction sector by the founding partner. This makes the company capable of solving all problems inherent in the production of steel reinforcements for reinforced concrete.


Design, marketing, processing and installation of steel for reinforced concrete:


• STEEL for reinforced concrete in bars with improved adhesion in various diameters and lengths

• STEEL pre-shaped, machined, bent, cut according to the executive projects

• ELECTROWELDED NETTING in various diameters 

ISO and IQNET certifications and Certificate of Deposit of the Ministry of Public Works

BETONFER S.n.c. obtained its first ISO 9001: 2000 certification in 2003 (Certificate no. 8350/03/S), thus guaranteeing the constant commitment to implement the quality policy in all its production processes. In 2009, BETONFER S.n.c. adapted its Quality System to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, in accordance with the principles of structural safety of the works.

In the same year, BETONFER S.n.c. was issued with the Certificate of Declaration of Activities of the Transformation Centre No. 201/09 by the Central Technical Service of the Ministry of Public Works, as required by the Technical Regulations for Constructions of 2008 (Ministerial Decree of January 14, 2008), confirmed by Ministerial Decree of January 17, 2018, reporting the update of the Technical Regulations for Constructions to the authorisation and qualification procedures of the Central Technical Service.

Fulfilment of the requirements of both ISO 9001:2015 and the Technical Standards for Construction 2018 (§ guarantees not only the quality of the products, but also their complete traceability, both with regard to the raw material used and the date of manufacture.


STEEL B450C produced and certified by Italian IRONWORKS.